How else can I help? 

Well, I don't do everything you need for a house purchase, that's true. I'm not an estate agent, so I can't find you your dream home, although more than once or twice I have recommended some great finds! I'm not a solicitor either, but I can find you one, and I don't write Wills, but I do have a fantastic guy I know who does Wills and a really great job helping look after our clients. But what I can do, what I strongly recommend is to have the conversation that everyone responds with: "Oh that won't happen to me!" 
No one likes to think something bad could happen to them, but accidents and illnesses are a part of life. 
Making sure you're insured is one of the most important things you can do, mainly so that the family and children you leave behind have a secure future. Speak to me today to discuss your requirements. With insurance in place, your family can focus on recovering from a traumatic incident and getting back on your feet. Your mortgage, home, and quality of life will be safe. 
Without insurance, a sudden loss of income may mean you have to sell your home and it could damage your family’s quality of life and long-term future. There are many different types of insurance. You won’t need them all, and choosing the right ones can be confusing. It is as important that you take out the right policies as it is you take the right mortgage. 
I have access to a range of providers, so I can find you the right policies that will guarantee long-term financial security for your family. And the good news is there’s no fee! My insurance service is completely free of charge. The consequences of not having the right cover can be devastating. This is why I’m passionate about helping families like yours get fully protected. 

My Insurance & Other Services 

Life Insurance 

Family Income Benefit 

Critical Illness Insurance 

Buildings & Contents Insurance 

Income Protection 


...And if you need something I don't do, I have a great network of providers who will ensure you are looked after. 
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